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Oh my God you guys!

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Gif Challenge because I’m bored

I know, I know. I said I’d only do gif challenges on Friday but I guess I lie. And besides, I’m waiting for Sherlock to load and I’m 

Every 5th gif

This is you:


This is your best friend:

Loki! YAY

This is what your parents are like:

awwwww….not really

This is what your siblings are like:

I have no siblings but if I did I’m sure they’d be blonde norse gods. 

What you do when you’re alone:

I’m always awkward. 

How strangers see you:

Like Azula

How the same sex sees you:

Oh God. Girls think I have psychotic breaks. 

How the opposite sex sees you:

like a badass

Weekend life:

Too many Azula gifs….at least my weekends are spent firebending

College life:

True story

When you’re drunk:

Your job:

Running the world. Yes! 

Your co-workers:

0_0  Is the Black Widow my co-worker or do I want to pepper spray my co-workers. Either way I like it.

How your co-workers see you:


Your love life:

Dancing by myself. Why yes this is an accurate representation of my non-existent love life. 

Who you’ll marry:

My best friend Loki!!!!!! OLE!

You on your wedding day:


You on your wedding night:

What did we do? 

When you find out you’re pregnant:

I look very pleased. And why not? I’ll be giving birth to baby Hiddles’

How your kids will act:

Not in touch with reality. Naturally 

The kind of parent you’ll be:

Accurate as hell!!! 

You at your happiest:


Your last day on Earth:

spent dancing like a loon. Love it. 

How you die:

I stared too long at my husbands ass and spontaneously combusted. It was bound to happen. 

How people will act at your funeral:

That’s right. 

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