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Oh my God you guys!

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I love gif challenges! And Sherlock!

4th gif is when you discover you’re on 221B Baker Street:

Freaking out because it’s so exciting

 90th gif is when you meet Sherlock:

This is a dance of joy. Maybe I’m the kooky girl and he’s Bender and we’re dancing together!!!! 

56th gif is when you meet John Watson:

Uhhhh okay. 

45th gif is you reaction when Sherlock asks you to investigate a crime with him and John:

I’m treading on John’s territory here. But I would totally blog about it!

78th gif is how John feels about you coming along:

I’m sorry I confuse you John. 

3rd gif is when you meet Lestrade: 

This makes no sense. I like Lestrade and I don’t think I’m a firebender in this universe. 

8th gif is when you hear about Moriarty:

Ew. No. I don’t want any of that. I’d rather be single. 

15th gif is when you meet Moriarty:


14th gif is when Sherlock asks you to move in with him: 


67th gif is what Mrs Hudson thinks of you:

She thinks I’m Belle. I can live with that. 

112th gif is when Mycroft meets you:


118th gif is when Moriarty kidnaps you:

Be sarcastic toward him. Sounds about right. 

100th gif is how Sherlock feels when you’re kidnapped:

It’s okay Sherlock. I love you too. 

 23rd gif is what John does about this kidnapping:

Thanks John, I’m glad you like your coffee. 

165th gif is what Sherlock does to rescue you:

That’s very helpful. 

49th gif is what Moriarty does when Sherlock finds you: 

Moriarty is a lightingbender!!! 

21st gif is when you’re safely back at Baker Street:

Slide down the rooftop like a total badass. Slide off the roof, not jump. PAY ATTENTION SHERLOCK!

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